​​            DRAGON HOPS

Dragon Hops Is the culmination of three generations of my family's familiarity with hops from the Rhine Valley in Germany during and after WWII and in Britain and the Pacific Northwest. My grandfather, then in the OSS, encouraged the reconstruction of the hops industry in Germany (since the plants are perennial, mother nature helped). There have now been five generations having participated in the ancient growing practice of "hoppes".

        My father toured the yards as a boy, taught me later as a young girl, the area, their specialties and uses.  We planned a decade ago to start a yard, and decided to be a part of renewing the historically grown crop to the beautiful state of Virginia.

        Dragon Hops yard and farm is home to the third, fourth and fifth generation of our family. We live here, we work here, we grow here, we love here.  We eat what we grow here, we play and work on this land, for our family reunion, we make our mead with the honey from our bees here. Our family only grows and produces for others, that we ourselves partake in.

         Our family has deep roots in the US Military, for many hundreds of years. We support the Military in any way we can. We are veterans and promote veteran causes, organizations, groups and employment. Each year we donate a portion of our income to the Fisher House, the USO and, locally, the Boulder Crest Retreat just up the road in Bluemont.

We are staunch supporters of all our Law Enforcement Agencies and Members. Both these groups receive our deepest discounts with our thanks.

  I have toured hops yards in Germany, Yugoslavia, England, Washington, Oregon and Idaho states in the great USA !! Having gathered as much of the old knowledge of  previous generations of growers we applied it with newer technology and organic practices.

     We are environmentally aware and actively protect and promote natures gifts and creatures. We support the Piedmont Environmental Council, are listed with VDACS as a Nursery for propagating our plants. We only use pond and rain catch water, avoiding using the fresh ground water table.

    We follow the USDA  standards to grow only organically, and JUST RECEIVED our certification !! Dragon Hops are just the healthiest, best for brewing and beautiful hops around. 

       Lacking local harvest processing facilities in Loudoun County, our yard also has a harvester that can accommodate other small hops growers harvest their bines, dryers for the gentle low temperature drying the hops cones and a brand new pelletizer for the requests and demands of local brewers.

Brewers call 804 505 HOPS.