​​            DRAGON HOPS

Dragon Hops grows four main varieties and two specialty hops. Although it takes years to establish a mature yard, we always ask our brewers which variety they might prefer to have grown  so we might change out a variety for them.

Brewers, in their wort, add and boil hops to impart the bittering taste to the beer, and add aromatic hops to the fermenting portion of their beer making. Each hop variety has it's own combination in different amounts of acids and oils which brewers use in exacting amounts to make their individual signature flavors in beer, ales, lagers etc. Other ingredients are generally barley, sometimes oats, after having been malted. 

Our main varieties are Cascade, Galena, Nugget and Willamette. We also grow Crystal and Teamaker.

We will be adding another variety this Fall, as soon as we have prepped the yard for winter after this summer's harvest.