​​            DRAGON HOPS

History of "Hoppes"

Hops has been grown  in Germany ( Hallertau area) since the 700s, and spread to England (Kent area) and grown since 1500s.

In the 1600s, the US first saw the crop grown in the northern original colonies. After outbreak of mildews, followed closely by prohibition, the hops in the northeast was abandoned. The Pacific Northwest began growing there and that region is still the US's prime producer of hops. 

In fact !! The USA just outstripped Europe in thousands of tons of hops produced !

During  it's history, it has been considered the main and/or only ingredient that may be used to produce 'beer'.  As the brewers make their wort, their mixtures will bring out certain bittering flavors and / or aromas of the flowers in fermentation and instill them into the beers and ales. From spicy to mild bitterness and flowery to citrusy aromas, the many compounds of unique flavors all start with the many different varieties hop cones, masterfully blended by the brewers. These flowers have natural antibacterial properties which helps stabilize beer and is also used in some medicinal remedies.

In the past ten years, a renewed interest in growing hops in the mid Atlantic region has begun. The demand for locally grown hops has soared, trying to keep up with the demand of the unprecedented  number of craft brewers using  their expertise in their own  blending of bittering and aromatic hops to produce their signature ales.

Some of us are growing our hops organically while participating in supporting and protecting our natural wildlife  habitats.